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Myths & Misconceptions

Oral contraceptives have been the subject of exhaustive medical research and today, over 100 million women take the Pill for its birth control and health benefits. Even so, there are a number of misconceptions about it. Let’s examine some common myths:

Taking the Pill will make me gain weight
Low-dosage oral contraceptives like Mercilon will not cause you to pile on the kilos. In fact, many women have discovered that taking Mercilon has a negligible effect on body weight. The majority of women tend to maintain their weight in order to have the good shape.

It will be harder for me to get pregnant after taking the Pill
The action of contraceptive pills is short lasting. Your body will return to its normal cycle when you stop taking the Pill. Just remember that your fertility level naturally declines as you get older, especially after the age of 35.

Taking the Pill increases my risk of developing cancer
Actually, studies have shown that women who take oral contraceptives have a much smaller change to get endometrial (or uterine) cancer and ovarian cancer than women who do not take them. There may be a slight risk of breast cancer, but it is very low in young women and it disappears 10 years after you stop taking the Pill.

I should stop taking the Pill when I’m 35
You can take the Pill until you reach menopause, provided that you stay healthy and don’t smoke. In fact, the Pill’s benefits to nonsmoking women over 40 may outweigh the possible risks. Just remember to use the lowest dose pill that is still effective for you.

I should give my body a break from the Pill every few years
This is not necessary, especially with the low-dosage oral contraceptives available today. Taking a break from the Pill can result in an unplanned pregnancy.

Missing the occasional pill is not a big deal
Every woman will forget to take her pills once in a while. Forgetting more than one pill in each cycle pack however, will increase your chances of getting pregnant. If this happens, be sure to use another type of contraceptive during intercourse.


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